Preschool Objectives

Our objectives as we teach your child:

• Provide an environment which is Christ centered and based on the gospel values
• Provide a PLAY BASED learning environment, which encourages children to participate in concrete activities through active    learning experiences and based on their interest and curiosity
• To give each child unconditional love with smiles, friendly words, encouragement and care
• Showing each child respect by considering his/her opinions and validating feelings
• Integrating Christian ethics into daily activities
• To ensure that each child in our care feels safe, secure, and loved
• Promote positive self-esteem
Being a good listener
• Stimulate intellectual development through teacher-directed and free-choice activities
• Giving opportunities to succeed and build confidence, being sure the tasks are challenging and not frustrating
• Continue development of social skills
• Foster self-expression through music, art, and free play activities
• Developing problem-solving skills, giving guidance while children work out their own problem
• Knowing the individual need of each child through a good knowledge of child development
• Celebrating accomplishments-one step at a time
• Enhance communications skills/ability to express self
• Asking open-ended questions that help children become critical thinkers (i.e., What do you think will happen? How might you fix it?)
• Encourage autonomy (independence)
• Offering experiences that will develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills
• Establish an environment that helps the child to develop and practice good manners, kindness, and cooperation
• Expose children to varied social environments and situations
• Encouraging participation in group activities
• Offering a variety of art experiences that give children freedom to create
• Designing explorative activities that will help build enthusiasm for learning