At Gulf Beach Baptist Preschool, the staff sees themselves as partners with parents in the faith education, as well as the general education of the child. Early Childhood Education is seen as very important in the development of your child.

The Preschool program is planned to cater for each child’s interest and needs and foster the development of certain abilities, attitudes and skills which will assist the child’s educational development.

At Preschool, children learn by participating in a great variety of activities, both within and outside the Preschool grounds. The most natural way for a child of this age to learn is through play, by observation and by doing things themselves. This learning will be flexible, in order to cater to the interest, needs and abilities of the children.

At Preschool Children are encouraged to:

• Express themselves and communicate with others
• Form basic concepts which help them understand their world
• Develop self-confidence
• Make friends
• Share and co-operate with others
• Develop physical skills and
• Develop a positive attitude to learning

Many people still remain unsure as to just what preschool is all about. Preschool is not “child minding.” It is about the development of important skills; those which are needed in everyday living, in relationships with other people, and in being ready for school. We strive to have each child working to his or her full potential, in all areas, and have them feel good about themselves and the prospect of school.

A child’s play is his/her work. It is the one way they have of making sense of the world in which the child lives, and of developing the child’s skills - emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. Due to the unique nature and capabilities of each child, we cannot expect them to have all reached the same level at the same time. What we can strive for is to capture the learning interest and curiosity of each child, through the educational experiences we offer, and through providing an environment in which the child feels free to explore and learn without fear of failure.

As we are working towards developing all these skills in your child, we run a program around what is known as the “process-centered” approach; that is, “what is extremely important is the process by which the child discovers and learns.” If we can instill good ways of learning things now, it will certainly help them in their efforts at school and all throughout life.